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I am a happily married mom of four, two boys (5 and 2)  and two  girls (4 and 6mo). I work full time with my husband, in the same office and at the end of the day we still make each other laugh. 

We live on a 3+ acre property in Southern Arizona  where it is hard to grow anything, but I am trying. We are currently working on a chicken coop, a goat pen, a raised garden area, and an outdoor play area for the kids. Coming soon :)  

I am passionate about my kids, my family, and wellness. My  story for health and a toxic free lifestyle started when I was about 17  years old living in Southern Maine. My Uncle bought me my first  Yoga mat and VHS tape (showing my age here). That is when I fell in love  with Yoga and I hated to exercise so this was a big step for me. Fast forward 3 years- I ended up moving out to Arizona and taking some classes at  the local Community Collage and that is where I was introduced to  Nutrition. I had finally discovered my calling.  It is a field I am  extremely passionate about and love helping others with their journey to  better health. 

I am a big advocate for toxic free living and essential oils. I was introduced to Essential Oils in 2007 and I have been using  them daily since. 

This blog came out of my own experiences with our kids, parenting, health, and wellness.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community. Please feel free to leave comments, lets cheer each other on! This parenting thing is no joke. 

Thank you so much for being part of this community.

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